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"The trails become easier, the view becomes clearer and the heart blooms with joy"
Benefits of exploring places with your kid

"The trails become easier, the view becomes clearer and the heart blooms with joy,'' said every mom on travel with her kid/s.

Planning to travel with your kid??? Bravo! You have just found the best company. Kids, we tell you, are the best travel partners. Well, you would only realize this, once you start traveling with them. Exploring new places with kids can not only be fun, but also beneficial in many ways. Here are some of the benefits:

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Hello travel-moms! Before I begin, I have a question for you?
4 Backpack hacks: for traveling moms

What is the first thought that strikes you whenever you decide to travel with your kids?
Is it destination…….? food…….? accommodation……….? budget? Or, is it backpacking???

Traveling with kids is certainly fun, but when it comes to backpacking, a travel-mom has to do a lot of planning, quite literally! You wouldn’t want to forget things that are of utmost importance to you and end up ruining your trip, would you? I am a travel-mom myself, having traveled quite a few places within India and abroad, with my infant daughter.

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“Pack the necessary, coz you will have lots of memories to pack while you back!”
5 things to carry while traveling with kid!

"Let's make some space, in our bags! Life too?
"Memories with kids? Keep lot of space in the drive!"
Traveling with kids can be equally exciting and challenging. Do you know why?

Ever wondered why most moms feel sceptical at the very idea of traveling with their kids? No, surprisingly, not because of kids but packing! Something that every mom wishes to run away from! Why? Because, packing becomes the never-ending mission to accomplish, when kids become the travel partners!

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