Humans feed on emotions. We are all emotional beings. We connect to, relate to, and trust other humans based on the emotions they evoke in us. This is the driving factor for business too. We want to do business with people we can trust and feel safe being ourselves with. This is why providing faces and names to demonstrate our brand is crucial to take our business to a greater level. Where some organisations customise their brand by linking it to customers who cater to it, some limit themselves with a cold, corporate and monotonous voice across channels.

Ever noticed a brand whose marketing message is directly liked to business as a robot? The answer is definitely yes. Some brands just fail to understand this subtle trick and fail to grow beyond certain level because of being too mechanical while marketing their product and hence result in failing to spark a connection between the brand and their audience.

Your brand could be way more successful if you stopped pushing solely sales-heavy content and started marketing as a REAL PERSON. When it comes to long term business growth, there’s no better option than to humanise your brand in a way that fills the emotional need of your target audience.

Show Off Your People

Your audience wants to see your staff. So, better recruit some personalities to use in your marketing effort to hold attention span of your audiences for longer or at least until you are done with your marketing pitches or brand messages that you want to convey. Showing real people is something that helps build trust with potential customers and extend the longevity of a client’s likelihood of sticking to your brand longer.

Use REAL Photos of Your Ream Team

Leave all stock photos you just downloaded from the net. If you don’t have the budget or resource to hire a professional photographer, and then you can recruit someone internally. In the era of mobile cameras with pixels to capture microorganisms, there won’t be a dearth of amateur photographers at your company for sure. Chances are there is someone in your company who has at least mastered the art of mobile photography. Show off your employees on various parts of your site, like your About Us and Career pages. Create a social media hash tag where you show off your special office moments.

Show Funny, Creative & Relatable Side of Your Team Members

Work would remain at its place, but try to build a healthy community of people within the organisation, who share their passion and hobbies with each other and find a way to contribute creatively towards organisational goals. The goal here is to show the world that your company isn’t composed off a bunch of stiff, corporate and mechanical minds, but rather relatable, funny, intelligent & creative individuals, who are there to help each other grow. GIFs and short videos with smiling faces engrossed in some light conversation or expressions do miracles in making people invest in your brand.

Hire a Social/Community Manager

The brands that tend to excel at humanising are the ones with a dedicated employee or team working collaboratively to build that component of the company. The person should be someone who’s able to listen, understand and respond in a manner that helps convey the USPs of your brand to a prospect client. Someone who’s creative, updated and social, a natural problem-solver, with the passion for helping people would be the ideal candidate.

Personalise Your Automated Marketing

In order to truly humanise your brand, you need to ensure that every touch point you have with a lead or customer is somewhat created with a personal touch. Whether it’s using the person’s name in an email or customised offer in his/her name, it would definitely strike an emotional chord in the mind of the customer.

Nowadays there are many automated ways through which you can create a personal experience for your audience. Connecting with a prospect customer at personal level builds trust and you become able to create a strong emotional connection appealing to the customer’s sense of self.

Send Welcome/Appreciation Notes to New & Loyal Customers

It might not be always be feasible to send a gift to every new customer, but there are things you can do to show your appreciation like sending a personalised thank-you letter and special offer to regular buyers on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries.

Infuse Personality To Your Writing

Have you ever read a post that’s so monotonous that you were lulled to sleep? This is what happens if you write in a monotonous, stuffy voice filled with “big words” that are not easy to comprehend. Your readers are smart enough to spot when you’re trying to play smart.

Your site content should be infused with words that are easy to perceive, words that have wit, humour, emotion to connect a cord in your audience’s mind. Just ensure that the copy on your website is not generic or monotonous. Be unique with your copy to generate curiosity among your readers or viewers.

Share Your Stories of Failure

Often your audience is going to relate far more to your brand when you share your failures over your successes. When you share how you dealt with your failure and how it helped you strengthen your brand later, it helps your audience learn the process better which in turn helps increase your brand’s buzz value.

Finally and most importantly, remain connected to yourself. You’re going to gain a lot more loyal customers if you infuse your brand with human elements and authenticity.